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11 May 2022

Sunscreens: advantages and features

schermature solari

Sunscreens are the simple and functional solution to protect indoor environments of all kinds of damage from the sun’s rays and improve living comfort for those who use them. Domestic spaces, offices, commercial areas and in general all environments exposed to direct and continuous light, can benefit from the advantages of solar shading in terms of ease of use, UV protection and durability.

Sipar has been producing systems for doors and windows for over 20 years and knows these products well. Let’s see the advantages and technical characteristics of our sunshades.

The advantages of Sipar sunshades: protection, modularity and savings

With solar shading it is possible to regulate the entry of light and air by positioning the light but strong aluminum slats from 0 ° to 90 °. Thanks to the adjustable slats, when the sunshade is completely closed, it offers good shading and complete privacy

In addition to ensuring excellent light shielding, the sunshades also limit the excessive rise in temperatures in the rooms. This allows you to maintain a comfortable indoor climate for longer, limiting the need to use air conditioning systems and promoting energy savings.

The advantage of being a modular – and not static – solution is however perhaps even more evident in the winter season. In this case, the slats can be kept open longer, allowing the rooms to warm up and make better use of daylight. However, diverting the annoying direct rays!

Again, the energy savings in electricity and heating are evident.

In our long experience we have seen dozens of different application fields for our solar shading. From domestic, corporate and commercial environments to industrial ones.

Wherever modular direct light shielding is required to improve living or working comfort, reduce room heating and avoid sun damage to curtains and furnishings, solar shading is the right solution.

Sipar sunscreens: efficiency and duration

In Sipar we have two types of sunscreens:

  • with C-shaped blades with 80 mm section
  • with Z-shaped blades with 90 mm section

Although from the aesthetic side the difference is noticeable, from the functional point of view both products offer the same efficiency. The blades are made of pre-painted aluminum alloy and are available in 22 different colors to best suit any environment – even the most modern!

Our sun screens can be installed with a manual handle or motor operated mechanism, with a galvanized steel box.

This last option is particularly interesting for our customers, which makes opening and closing operations convenient, fast and remotely.

The types of motors that we can supply with our sun screens are:

  • wired system – mechanical limit switch, with wall button near the window;
  • rst radio system with remote control with a range of 20 meters;
  • Io-homecontrol® system – with wireless technology that allows you to adjust the sunshades from a remote control or app

Furthermore, with the latest system, the sun screens will enter a residential automation control system. This can include roller shutters, gates, garage doors, heaters and locks. Perfect for those who want to take their environment to a new level of comfort and technology.

Download our catalog to discover all the technical characteristics of our sunshades!

Sipar experience: 25 years of quality and innovation

In the last 25 years, a lot has changed in our company, but not our commitment to offer our customers Made in Italy products of the highest quality. We started in 1996 in Pian Camuno, in the province of Brescia, with the marketing of roller shutters and accessories. Over time, with continuous investments in Research and Development, our business has evolved from simple distribution to own production.

Today we work in Italy and in the world offering profiles in aluminum (insulated and extruded) and in steel, made to measure and aesthetically customized on the basis of the requests of each customer.

From simple rolling shutters, our product range has expanded over the years to: stair and balcony railings, fences and gates, door and window systems, shutters, Jalousie, sun screens, motors and accessories.

All our products have these main characteristics:  customizable design, Made in Italy quality and excellent durability. A quality guaranteed by our EN 13659: 2004, QUALICOAT and QUALITAL certifications.

EN 13659: 2004 is the European standard certification for the wind resistance of blackout shutters. QUALICOAT and QUALITAL are two certifications concerning the painting of aluminum parts and resistance to corrosion in areas exposed to salt. Especially important for our sun screens!

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